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The Budget Book


Do you also know the feeling when it's just the middle of the month and you already got no money left?Then The Budget Book is the app you are looking for!Save a lot of money by using this app and manage your finances!Our Budget Book app helps has a lot of features to administrate your accounts and finances:✓ Save money!✓ No Ads!✓ We don't save or upload any data!✓ Widget (InApp/Full Version)✓ Save photos in your entries✓ Intelligent password protection✓ Create revenues, expenditures and transfers✓ Standing orders with different time periods✓ Use Dropbox to share the data with multiple devices✓ Unlimited accounts like cash, bank account, securities deposit account, bank book✓ Filter your data in the Bookinglist✓ Powerful statistics by Google Charts (InApp/Full Version)✓ Fast entry creation due to templates (InApp/Full Version)✓ Import backups of other devices (Full Version)✓ Export your data for backups or to use it on other smartphones and tablets✓ Export your data as XLS, HTML or TXT File to view your data on your computer (InApp/Full Version)✓ Optimized layouts for smartphones and tablets✓ 2 languages (English and German) can be choosen by the system language✓ Visual notifications on account overdraft or if you are below your set budget✓ Edit categories with Icons (create Entries InApp/Full Version)✓ Create subcategories to every category to filter your finances for statistics✓ Write a short note for every booking✓ 3 different date formats, which are choosen via the system settings✓ 5 different currencies
Save money with the budget book! Accounting is important to save money nowadays. Calculate your income and use statistics to have a look at your revenues and expenses. Don't waste your money anymore and keep an eye on your expenses. Track your money with the expense manager and budget manager. The Budget Book is the perfect app for you to save money! The Household Book is great for your finances! The best expense manager!budget, money, manager, planer, household, finance, finance manager